We set off from Torksey for Boston on a fine Saturday afternoon with the intention of stoping at Saxilby for tea.
Saxilby is a village large enough to be a town about an hours sailing from Torksey.

Torksey Lock looking east

We arrived at Saxilby in time for tea and there we remained until the next day such was the enthusiasm to move on.

 Sunday we got underway and headed towards Lincoln and into the Brayford pool. This lead us onto the River Witham and through the Glory Hole which is on Lincolns High Street. We Carried on to Stampend lock where another boat was just comeing through, this saved us having to lift the gulotine gate. We proceeded on to Washingborough where we moored up to the staging and had dinner. After dinner we proceeded to Bardney Lock where someonewas just comeing through, as we approached we realised that they could get through one gate and we needed two. Fortunately the master of the vessel quite kindly sent his crew (the Wife) to open the other gate forus which we appreciated.After using the facilities and taking on fresh water we proceeded, passing Bardney village moorings where we would be stoping for the TYC rally the following weekend and continued on to Kirkstead bridge where we spent the night.
Navigation Post (Trig. point)
Monday we arrived in Boston and we moored up at the Boston Motor Yacht Club where some old and new friend greeted us with 1.00 a night for memebers
Boston Grand Sluce (seaward end)
The next few days was spent walking round Boston and visiting the market on Wednesday.

Thursday brought about our departure from Boston heading for Tattersall Bridge for the night.
Departing Boston
A Long Stretch
Chapple Hill
Entrance to the Sleaford canal is here at Chapple Hill although you need a bit of imagination to find the hill now a days.

 Friday we set off for Bardney.
Tattersall Bridge and the Quackers
We arrived at Kirkstead Bridge for dinner, but this lasted rather longer than expected, all night in fact. About 1530hrs a very dark cloud appeared and this soon turned into a thunderstorm which lasted until late evening, so it was decided to stay put at Kirkstead.

Sunday we proceeded to Bardney Village mooring where there was a gathering of Torksey Yacht Club boats. The dinghy was prepaired here and an attempt was made at sailing.
TYC gathering
On the Monday we proceeded to Bardney lock, while in the lock another boat arrived to come through so this saved us having to close the gates.
We arrived at Stampend about 1130hrs where another boat was just comeing out, so we went streight into the lock, on leaving the lock another boat arrived to lock down but as a key is needed to operate the gate we let him in and closed the gate for which they were greatful as they had no key to operate the gate.

We proceeded to Saxilby where we arrived just past 1200hrs and promptly made our way to have dinner at one of the local eating holes. After suitably fed and watered we continued on out way to our mooring at Torksey and then home.

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